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Rev Run and Justine are back to tackle all the spaces they didn't remodel in season one. This time, they head outdoors to renovate their pool, yard and home exterior.

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Joseph Ward Simmons, aka Rev. Run from the rap group, Run DMC, makes it a family affair as he and his whole family work together to completely renovate their 9,000-square-foot New Jersey home. Rev. Run's Renovation follows Rev. Run, his wife Justine and their three children as they all roll up their sleeves to give their 6-bedroom, 8-bath home a total facelift from the kitchen, bedrooms and bathrooms to the great room and garage.

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Sit Down to Supper with Rev Run and FamilyTake a Tour of Rev's Kitchen

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May 28, 8:30 am
Rev Strikes Again
May 28, 9:00 am
Angela's Abode
May 28, 9:30 am
Rev's First Impressions
May 28, 10:00 am
Just Keep Swimming
May 28, 10:30 am
Space Invaders
May 28, 11:00 am
Beauty and the Beats
May 28, 11:30 am
Let there be light
May 28, 12:00 pm
Miley Branches Out
May 28, 12:30 pm
Secret Cinema
May 28, 1:00 pm
Garage Overhaul
April 07, 8:30 am
Rev Strikes Again
April 07, 9:00 am
Angela's Abode
April 07, 9:30 am
Rev's First Impressions
April 07, 10:00 am
Just Keep Swimming
April 07, 10:30 am
Space Invaders
April 07, 11:00 am
Beauty and the Beats
April 07, 11:30 am
Let there be light
April 07, 12:00 pm
Miley Branches Out
April 07, 12:30 pm
Secret Cinema
April 07, 1:00 pm
Garage Overhaul
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